Nihonchusha Bldg. 4F 3-15-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 162-0052
T 03-5272-4808 F 03-5272-4021

AIZU MUSEUM,Waseda University

1-6-1 Nishiwaseda,shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo

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■Architect         Waseda Univ.Nobuaki Furuyai Lab
■Usage              Museum
■Structure         RC
■Site area          73,659.56m2
■Area                6,885.73m2
■Completion      1998.5
■Publishing      Shinkenchiku9807

Renovation of the Old Library
The renovation of the library building originally designed by Kenji Imai creates a museum for the exhibition of the Yaichi Aizu collection of oriental art and Ainu artifacts.  Proposed as a 'library to read things', the museum provides for the relaxed and extended viewing of the exhibition contents and their histories. The glass cases without flame are laid out in grid as if the tables with exhibits on it are arranged in good order. A series of display cases sitting below eye level allow an uninterrupted view of the single exhibition space, and movement among them is undetermined and free.  A series of benches between cases, and stools integral to the cases themselves, allow for undisturbed viewing and the comfort of the visitor.

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