Nihonchusha Bldg. 4F 3-15-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 162-0052
T 03-5272-4808 F 03-5272-4021

Poem and Marchen Gallery

Kahokuchou, kami,kouchi

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■Architect         Nobuaki Furuya + Sachiko Yagi + NASCA
■Usage             Gallery
■Structure        W+RC
■Site area         835m2
■Area               458.4m2
■Completion     1998.7
■Publishing       Shinkenchiku1998.07

This art museum,built after the AnpanmanMuseum,exhibits original cover drawings and other illustrations from Poem & Marchen, a monthly that has been edited for over twentyfive years by Mr / Takashi Yanase, the cartoonist who is from the town of Kahoku. Thebuilding, which makes abundant use of cedar grown in Kochi Prefecture andd resembles a semitransparent box,is designed so that visitors get a feeling of the natural outdoors even insaide the gallery. The facility is both a gallery where one can look at orignal drawings and a librarystockedd with back nembers of the magazine. Visitors are free to choose the way the will use it.

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