Nihonchusha Bldg. 4F 3-15-1 Toyama, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo JAPAN 162-0052
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Villa at Nagasaka


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■Architect        Sachiko Yagi + NASCA
■Usage            Villa
■Structure       W+RC
■Site area        467.25m2
■Area              73.67m2
■Completion    2004.11
■Publishing      Jutakutokushu0508

Following on Kanna Nakasato Town Hall completed in 2003, We are
entrusted with the municipal junior high school gymnasium right across
the street of the Hall. It corresponds also to multiple-purpose
residents use, such as a movie show besides various sports, and a
meeting. Many windows are prepared so that it can use only by natural
lighting in the daytime and natural light is adjusted by the two kind
of curtain, a shade one and a shading one. Moreover, it contributed to
promotion local industrial  by using the Japan cedar of  90mm angle
abundantly in a roof, a ceiling, an inner wall, etc., and by the new
usage of wood, it is kind to the eye and comfortable woody space is

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